Balade Sous-Marine

Imagine brightly coloured illustrations representing giant swimmers, printed on transparent foil and applied on the 1,000 sqm glass canopy of Place Flagey. The images symbolise the neighbourhood's water, tram and bus stops.

© Souvenirs du Futur - 2023


This project is depict a scenery of games on the waterfront. In the process, the light of the sun will project coloured shadows on the ground. For this specific event, we invite you all to use your imagination, let your sense of aesthetics and art speak.


Who doesn't know the Place Flagey?
This emblematic place of meeting and passage, part of the daily life of so many Brussels residents. Formerly a part of the Grand Etang, the Place Flagey has been transformed over time, but the presence of water (ponds, water fountains on the square) remains. This is what the glass canopy of the Flagey tram and bus stop represents, and what this project wants to highlight.


"Balade Sous-Marine" aims to apply a bathing scene to the glass surface of the canopy of the bus/tram stop at Place Flagey, creating a symbolic extension of the ponds of Ixelles. The bathing scene, illustrated by Julia Eva Perez, is produced on transparent and self-adhesive technical film, printed in colour, laminated and cropped. The work will be an invitation to escape from the sometimes grey daily life.

Through natural light or artificial light, a vibe of sun and laughter will flood with colour the space under and around the glass canopy.

Mobirise Mobirise

The work will remain in the streetscape for about 6 months. With some maintenance, the lifespan could even be extended to 2/3 years, possibly with changes in the images. Thus, it will be a developing work that continues to surprise those who seek refuge there.

Thanks to our partners

Jane Arkell
Grégoire Beckers
Jules Co
Xandra Deep
Elisabeth Djan
Christos Doulkeridis
Ema ✩
Gin Emen
Alexandre Ferreira
Far Flamme
Rosalba Galatello
Igor Robinet
Dominique Janne, NOVO
Yoko Kanno
Valérie La Fontaine
Frank Maureau
Grégory Monfort
Rick Namichaux
Lolita Sarah Lisa Schleret
Milai Loulou Schleret
Fanny Steen
Famille Toft-Nielsen